Switchfoot delivers beautiful messages of hope, faith and love to Filipino fans at Easter Sunday concert in Bonifacio Global City

Article as published in Sound Check Manila
Photos: Patparazzi PH

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It was an Easter Sunday that will be embedded in the hearts and minds of many  Filipinos for a very long time. On March 27, 2016 American alternative rock band Switchfoot pumped up the spirits of Filipinos in Bonifacio High Street through a showcase full of beautiful music and wonderful messages of faith, hope and love. Here were some of our favourite moments from the show:



 Fans of the band’s hits and songs from previous years were not disappointed- Switchfoot performed “Meant To Live,” and “Dare You To Move,” from their 2003 certified double platinum album The Beautiful Letdown which sold more than 2.6 million copies. Other popular songs that they performed were “Stars,” a track off their 2005 album Nothing Is Sound, and “Only Hope,” which, together with “Dare You To Move,” was featured in the hit movie A Walk To Remember. It was interesting to note, however, that most of the people in the audience that night were also drawn to some of the lesser known songs that they performed like “Dark Horses” which was part of their eighth studio album Vice Verses. Switchfoot performed some newer stuff as well, which was also well-received by their Filipino fans like “Who We Are” and “Love Alone Is Worth The Fight,” songs which were released in 2013.

Photo credits to: All Bands PH



 Switchfoot lead singer Jon Foreman climbed up the railings of the stage twice, shook hands with people in the audience and surfed into the crowd. In today’s day and age where not that many rock bands top the Billboard charts, it was good to hear some good old rock and roll music, the kind that has singers jump into the crowd with total abandon, totally into the music, completely into the vibe of the show.

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 It was a moment that definitely warmed the hearts of everyone in the audience, when Filipino guitarist of the band Jerome Fontanillas tearfully told the crowd, with just a hint of an an American accent, “ Masaya ako, dahil nakikita ko kababayan ko, mahal ko ang Pilipinas.” What made the moment even more heart warming was when Foreman described Jerome as “one of the best men in the planet.” Arent you so proud to be Pinoy?

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 It cannot be denied that Switchfoot has a huge following mainstream AND in the contemporary Christian music scene. In fact, their third studio album Learning To Breathe received a Grammy nomination for Best Rock Gospel Album. The band also won four Dove awards including Artist Of The Year back in 2003.  Flickers of their fiery faith, (the band have proudly shared in many interviews that they are all Christian and declare Jesus Christ to be their Lord and Savior) were evident in how the band introduced the songs that they performed, like for the song 24 Jon talked about the story behind the song, that he wrote it when he broke his arm skateboarding trying to impress a girl, and how the experience made him feel like his life was fragmented not just in his body, he also felt that his spirit was broken as well.  Jon connected the experience to Jesus by saying that it was an appropriate song to sing, it being Resurrection Sunday. Even if God isn’t explicitly mentioned in the song 24 its obvious that the singer is dedicating the song to God with lyrics like “I’m singing, Spirit take me up in arms with You,” “You’re raising the dead in me,” and “Wrestle the angel for more than a name.”

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 The crowd at the venue was so participative- when Jon would clap his hands nearly everyone in the audience would clap their hands, too. When Jon would ask the crowd to hum and sing along they would and in tune- it was one of the most in sync moments this concert blogger has ever experienced. Adding to those awesome moments was the band reciprocating the love the audience had with statements like, “ It is the greatest gift to be able to sing these songs of hope with you guys half way round the world on such a day as this. I have to say as a band it is so inspiring to get out of the studio, out of this little cave that we’re in, to be reminded of how big this world is, how big our God is, how small this world is, how connected we are with this family, thank you for being our family tonight.”

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Do you have any favorite moments from the show? Do let us know! Kudos to Church Simplified for consistently staging meaningful, inspiring and entertaining concerts on Easter Sunday. From all of us at Soundcheck Manila & Patparazzi PH may God bless you abundantly in your calling- for using the power of music to spread the endless and immeasurable power and love of God.

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More photos here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/PatparazziPH/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1367002270060957


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