Yellowcard The Final World Tour

Article by: Kei Galupino
Photos: Patparazzi PH

FA - _P3K8464

It was a mind-blowing Saturday night concert inside the Skydome, SM North EDSA. The venue was walled by thousand of fans that crave to witness the final performance and the last chance to sing your heart out with the remarkable lyrics of Yellowcard.

FA - _P3K7394

Right around 9 o’clock, Gracenote promptly hit the stage and offer their finest and topmost performance. The band furthermore gave a harmonious execution of the song Dream About You popularized by Stevie B.

FA - _P3K8053

Everyone at the concert has experienced that electrifying moment when the light goes active and the fog machine occupied the stage. Indeed a dose of excitement is in the air. You can hear emotional responses from the crowd; you can see on their faces that they are ecstatic just by standing in front of the stage.

FA - _P3K8264

When Yellowcard came up on stage, high-pitched echoes from thousand of attendees hailed the punk band. It took minutes of screams from all their Filipino fans and numbers of hands waving midair when a familiar tuneful piece starts to play. “Everything is gonna be alright. Be strong. Believe. “ This striking chorus lines from their song “ Believe”, rebounds inside the venue. And their fans gave amounts of jumping and singing through out the set. It was a farewell concert from Yellowcard; nevertheless, they revealed an intense and memorable act to their supporters.

FA - _P3K8443

The closing song of Yellowcard, The 2003 hit single Ocean Avenue, the song produces back memories that touches like yesterday. And all their records, they will continue to touch our moods eternally.
FA - _P3K8088
Special thanks to Sir Jesse Cambosa of DMC Philippines and Ishii Caparas & Miggy Mazo of Phoenix Productions.

FA - _P3K0086

FA - _P3K0099


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